Scientific Illustration

A Nautilus shell I did for fun a few years back.

Nautilus shell.

Nautilus shell.

My favorite drawing.

Goosebig cropped and resized

I went through the University of Washington’s Scientific Illustration program many years ago now. As time permits, I’ll upload more of those drawings.

Here is a Bald Eagle skull, profile. I borrowed it from someone I used to work with so I could draw it. For a while I really enjoyed drawing bird skulls. This piece was done with carbon dust on Colorade paper.


Here is a Spiny Pink Scallop shell. Ink, graphite, and acrylic on Duralene.


3 Responses to Scientific Illustration

  1. Lisa says:

    Supremely talented Jen. Keep it up. Two of my favorite subjects: birds and all things from the sea. Lw

  2. Dennis Paulson says:

    Jen, had I known how talented you are, I would have asked for a drawing every week in Master Birders.

    • seajen says:

      Hahaha. Truth is, in the first couple weeks I was trying to learn by drawing. But there were WAY too many to keep up, so I gave up on that early on.

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