About (contact)

How to reach me

email:  scubajen@yahoo.com

mobile phone:   970.314.5044

Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/MossyheadUnderwater

About this site

The home page, seajen.com, is my personal diving blog. I don’t write to it frequently, but I always have new ideas I am working out… so it’s never too long before I publish a new post. As for the rest of this site, I wanted to create a place to hold my creative world in its pages. Or at least some of my creative world. This site has paintings, drawings, photography, and of course writing — writing about my favorite topic, coldwater diving.


I had a profile in the Pacific Northwest Underwater Photographic Society. Go to page 9.


2 Responses to About (contact)

  1. Art Segal says:

    Awesome photos! Amazing. We met at the Alki Art Fair on Saturday.

  2. Serene Heka-Tera says:

    Interested to see what else you post!! looking great so far

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