Sea Lions taking Selfies

[This is the second SeaJen post resulting from my January 2020 trip to dive with Steller sea lions at Hornby Island. Here’s a link to the first, which tells the overall story.]

If you know me, you have seen some of my selfies with sea lions. I got lots, especially from my first trip to Hornby in 2017. Like this one:

Selfie with Sea Lion. My camera, my selfie.

But I bet you didn’t know that Sea Lions can take selfies. Neither did I! Turns out, all they need is a camera. So when I realized this talent many of them share, I handed over my camera and they went to town. Here are just a few of the selfies some of the Steller sea lions at Norris Rock took during my January 2020 trip.

Steller sea lion taking a self-indulgent solo selfie.

This one is all alone too but through no fault of his own — his pal in the background was not being cooperative.

This Steller is trying to be sneaky and get a shot with the celebrity in the background, a California sea lion.

This one was most curious to learn how to change the f-stop, ISO, aperture, and the strobes. I’d say it’s nicely exposed and well lit (for a sea lion) — good job, buddy!

That’s all for this year. Next year maybe they will actually include me in some of their selfies. One can only hope.

About Jen Vanderhoof

I'm Jen Vanderhoof. I’m an ecologist with a wildlife background, and I spend a lot of time outdoors near water looking for signs of beavers and, when I'm lucky, photographing beavers. I am also a birder, scuba diver, and accordingly bird, nature, and underwater photographer. I write and draw, and I also enjoy carving beaver-chewed wood. I hope to spread the understanding, acceptance, and love of the most incredible animal species I know, the beaver.
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